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May your choices reflect

your hopes,not your fears

--Nelson Mandela


6 Months Membership $229.00

Current members.


Yearly Membership $395.00

Current members.


Brewster, Carmel school and health care professional including Putnam Hospital staff.


$39 Monthly. 12 Months Agreement.




Month-to-Month $49.00.

12 Months Agreement.

1 Month Membership $79.00.

6 Months Membership $275.00

Yearly Membership $459.00.





There is no more 30 days notice.

There is no more 3 month gym membership.

There is no freezing of accounts unless 

there is a medical notice.

Checks are accepted for 6 months and 1 year membership.


Cancelation Fee : $40

Reinstatement Fee: $40


Thank you for your support and understanding!


Idilcia Aracena

Planet Fitness Brewster NY

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